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Be sure to succeed in all your dishes with this Tefal cooking pack available from Amazon. Containing 15 pieces, it is currently at -28%. Enough to make great savings.

Equip yourself to cook at a low price with Amazon discounts on Tefal products

Simmer good dishes in sauce, sear meat, brown vegetables, prepare soup ... The recipes that can be made with the right utensils and accessories are limitless. Thanks to this cooking pack from the Tefal brand, you will have everything you need to cook what you want. It consists of 15 pieces, namely: 3 pots, 3 pans, 1 frying pan, 1 lid, 1 removable handle and 6 different spatulas. In addition to the great diversity of pieces, this pack is especially on sale at Amazon. You can find it at 144,99€ instead of 201,64€. This represents a substantial discount of 28%. So, to your stoves!

Non-stick coating, many items, Thermo-Spot, compatible with all types of fires: the advantages of this Tefal pack

Very complete, this cooking pack is, in addition, very well thought out. The pans, pots and pans and frying pan have a non-stick coating. Thus, food does not hang and cleaning is easier. All but the handle can be dishwasher safe, so you'll save time in maintenance. Thanks to the removable handle system, pans, pans and pans and frying pan do not take up space when you store them, since you can stack them by size. The cooking elements are compatible with all fires, even induction hobs. Note that they can also be put in the oven if your recipe requires it. They are all equipped with a Thermo-Spot temperature indicator to know when they are hot. The lid is transparent so you can monitor your dishes without having to open it and risk disrupting the cooking cycle.

Order the Tefal cooking pack

Get started in all culinary preparations with this Tefal cooking pack. Save money by buying it on sale at Amazon.

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