"I drank the bellflower water that my neighbor's aunt handed me and fell asleep for about 15 hours, and when I opened my eyes, my mother and sister were both murdered."

In connection with the "Busan Villa Mother and Daughter Death" incident that occurred during the Chuseok holiday last year, the teenage son, the only survivor, named a neighbor as the prime suspect.

According to the legal profession on the 10nd, at the first trial held by the Busan District Law Criminal Division 2 (Chief Judge Kim Tae-up) against Mr. A (6s, female), who was arrested and charged with murder and other charges on 27 March, Mr. B's son C (50), who died in his 40s, appeared as a witness and testified as follows.

According to the statement of Mr. C, who appeared in court in a school uniform, on September 15 last year, the day of the incident, Mr. A came to the house with his young granddaughter.

Mr. A had visited the house several times before, so Mr. C let them into the house without question, drank the bellflower water that Mr. A said was good for them, and fell asleep for about 9 hours.

After waking up, the reality I encountered was the cold bodies of my mother, Mr. B, and my sister D, a high school student.

At the time of the discovery, Mother B was lying bleeding in the living room and her sister Miss D was said to have bruises on her face.

The dog was also found dead.

Another witness, Miss D's friend, also stated, "Before Miss D died, she sent a social media message saying, 'I drank it because it said it was good for my body, but I was so dizzy.'"

He said there were quite a few typos as usual.

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According to the prosecutor's complaint, Mr. A has been undergoing neuropsychiatric treatment since 2015.

The prosecution understands that Mr. A was extremely stressed when he was told that if he did not repay the money he borrowed from his son-in-law and second daughter, he would be seized and sued, and because of this, he decided to commit the crime to steal the precious metals of Mr. B's family.

The prosecution believes that Mr. A mixed the psychiatric medicine he was taking with bellflower water, fed it to Mr. C to make him fall asleep, and then fed it to his mother, Mr. B, and his sister, Miss D, who returned home, to commit the crime one after another.

Earlier, on September 9, the last day of the Chuseok holiday last year, Miss B and Miss D were found dead side by side in a villa in Yangjeong-dong, Jingu, Busan.

Son C, who was sleeping in another room, woke up and found his mother and sister who had collapsed, and with the help of neighbors, called the police.

At the beginning of the investigation, there were no signs of outside intrusion and the family had been living hardships, so they weighed the possibility of an extreme option, but the investigation was changed to a suspected murder when the circumstances of the suspected murder were found one after another on the bodies of the deceased mother and daughter.

On the other hand, Mr. A's lawyer denied the crime, saying, "I never fed or killed bellflowers."

Mr. A reportedly continued to deny the allegations during the police investigation.