SIKKA offers unique workshops and cultural experiences full of passion

Between the walls of House 45. Vibrant creative oases

  • Visitors to the Sikka Festival will be treated to the creations of elite musical talents. Dubai Emirates Today


SIKKA Art and Design Festival presents it to visitors to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, guiding them to walk through the alleys of the neighborhood, explore the richness of the local art scene, and learn about the productions of talent participating in the 11th edition of the festival, which runs until the fifth of March.

Sikka opens the doors of Bait 45, which is supervised by The Workshop Dubai's experts, offering them the opportunity to explore a range of innovative experiences, installations and various musical performances capable of arousing passion.

For this year's edition, Bait45 has become an incubator for several interactive workshops, led by artist Mai Al Ali, inspired by the aesthetics of handicrafts, including the "Jewellery Design" workshop, which introduces children to the methods of shaping and processing clay to make special molds to design unique jewelry pieces, and the "Weaving" workshop dedicated to exploring the methods of spinning using a loom.

Dream Hunter

The Dream Hunter workshop is an opportunity to learn an ancient American traditional craft, in which attendees use natural materials such as feathers, beads and threads to produce unique pieces of art, while the "Cosmic Canvas" workshop looks like a creative journey to teach children basic watercolor techniques and ways to blend them together to produce stunning paintings.

"House 45" appeared as a platform to display a group of installations, led by the work "Save My Color" by the Lebanese artist Ahmed Makari, through which he sought to honor the international architect Louis Barragan, and the work consists of a color texture that covers some corners of "House 45", while the Swiss Maxime Karamat presents his interactive work "I used to sleep at night", which is a three-dimensional lighting that constitutes an immersive artistic experience. From "Behind the Glass" by Briton Samuel William Wainwright, his work is based on the interaction of light and shadow to provide a sense of movement, and using fabrics, paint spray and ink, Malaysian Gary Young created his work "Midnight Through the Forest".

«Dream Pop»

Throughout the festival, Bait45 will host panel discussions, led by experts from Last Seen Live and Karama Arts Centre, and host local and regional musical talents, including SQ, Saud G and Fafa, who will present 'Tales of Emirati Talents', and digital art experts Rahim Mahtab, Fiona Robertson, Pino Sardžić and Mai Ali will shed light on art and its relationship to artificial intelligence.

Visitors to the Sikka Festival will be treated to the creations of elite musical talents.

Music Stars

"Beat 45" includes a variety of performances presented by a group of DJs such as: DJ Brown Panda, DJ Patchouli, and other rap, hip-hop and funk stars, led by Emirati SQ, Nigerian T-Baz, Emirati Ibri, Iraqi Shaibani, Emirati Saud Ji, Lebanese Beya Qadri, and others.

As part of Dubai Culture's (Dubai Culture) support for Dubai's cultural and creative industries, SIKKA Art & Design will also dedicate an outdoor space dedicated to live gastronomy shows, which contribute to giving visitors a lively experience in an inspiring atmosphere.