Actor Yoo Ain (real name Eom Hong-sik), who was arrested by the police on suspicion of habitually administering propofol, reportedly detected cannabis and cocaine, which causes powerful hallucinations and is considered one of the "top three drugs."

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation recently notified the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Drug and Crime Investigation Unit of the results of Yoo's hair evaluation, which stated that hemp, cocaine, and ketamine were detected in addition to propofol.

Cocaine is one of the top three drugs along with meth and heroin, and ketamine has been regulated as a psychotropic drug since 3 because of its hallucinogenic effect than ecstasy. Regarding the ketamine component, some hospital officials claim that it is "a type of sleep anesthetic that is mixed and administered to minimize the possibility of side effects when administering propofol."

Earlier, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety handed over the relevant data to the police, claiming that Mr. Yu had administered propofol more than 3 times based on data from the Integrated Narcotics Management System. The police identified that Mr. Yu had administered propofol at least 2006 times in 70~2021.

As the allegations of four types of drugs grow out of control, Mr. Yu's statements in the past are also being revisited. After winning the Best Male Actor award at the SBS Acting Awards in 2022, Yoo made headlines by revealing his belief as an actor, "There are many moments when I become clever, fox-like, and monstrous, but I will shake it off well, constantly push and push, and silently walk the path of a good actor."

Yu was about to release a total of three films this year.

The police confiscated two of Yu's mobile phones and are conducting digital forensic work. The police plan to summon Mr. Yu as a suspect as early as next week to investigate the circumstances of his medication.

(Composition: Jin Sang-myung / Editing: Lee Hye-rim / Production: D Content Planning Department)