John Malkovich is deeply saddened by the passing of his old friend Julian Sands. The British actor has never returned from a hike started alone on Mount Baldy, California, and his family has issued a wanted notice since January 13.

If the search continues, the chances of finding him alive are now very slim. John Malkovich wanted to pay tribute to him at the Berlin International Film Festival where Seneca was presented, a film in which he plays opposite Julian Sands.

A friendship of 40 years

"Julian and I were very, very close. I am the godfather of the first son he had with his first wife, Sarah, whom I know very well," Malkovich said during a press conference carried by CNN.

"I introduced him to his second wife, and we've stayed close since the filming of The Tear in 1983. It is a sad event. »

The two actors had even lived together for a time when Julian Sands and Sarah Harvey separated. It was indeed the star of In the Skin of John Malkovich who had introduced him to Evgenia Citkowitz, his second wife, with whom he had married in 1990.

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