No doubt you have seen one of the memes from Adele's video taken during the famous halftime of the last Super Bowl and has since gone viral. The British singer wanted to be present to attend Rihanna's highly anticipated performance, and her enthusiasm was immortalized by the cameras. Adele took advantage of one of the concerts of her residency in Las Vegas to talk to her audience about her propensity to go viral at each of her public appearances.

"It's not easy to be a recurring meme. I don't know what's so funny about my face," she said, according to CNN. "Maybe it's because I haven't done Botox, so my face moves a lot."

It's going to do it

As many netizens have assumed, Adele was indeed encouraging Rihanna when she was filmed without her knowledge.

"I was saying it was going to be okay for Rihanna. That she was going to smoke a joint and everything would be fine," the artist continued. "But she clearly couldn't smoke a joint, since she's pregnant!"

Indeed, Rihanna took advantage of her performance to announce that she was expecting a new child!

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