30 artists at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library's 'Innovation and the Emirates District' exhibition

The exhibition kicked off with a panel discussion entitled "Effects of Innovation Production in Painting". WAM

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library is organizing the "Innovation and Emirates District" exhibition, with the participation of more than 30 plastic artists from the UAE and the Arab world, until the third of next March.

The artists displayed a group of their paintings that reflected the high position that the UAE has reached in innovation, creativity and various fields of urban, technological and intellectual life, as each painting contained one or more elements taken from the Emirati environment, heritage and nature, such as sand, dates, coffee and tli, to contribute to creating the final shape of the painting and overlapping with it in a harmonious manner that gave the exhibition a special elegance and beauty.

The exhibition, which is held in cooperation with "Mona" for organizing exhibitions, included a dialogue session entitled "Effects of Producing Innovation in Painting", which discussed the great development that has recently occurred in the work of art in producing an innovative painting in which various elements intertwine, in addition to presenting the idea of breaking the norm in the artwork and its reflection on the quality of the artwork.