A thirteen-year-old girl was beaten and hit with a pair of scissors by two girls of the same age. The attack took place in a public garden in Castelbelforte, in the province of Mantua. The young victim was hospitalized in serious condition, but would not be life-threatening.

According to the carabinieri, who stopped the two authors of the aggression, it would have been a real ambush: after having lured her with an excuse, one would have held her still while the other would have hit her first with punches to the head and then with a scissors.

The two perpetrators are classmates of the victim: not yet being 14 years old they are not imputable.

On the reasons for the aggression it is still thick darkness, even if it seems to have nothing to do with bullying or belonging to some youth gang. The victim's screams of terror and pain were heard by a woman who lives near the park and who raised the alarm. Immediately help arrived, an ambulance and an air ambulance. The girl was on the ground, on the grass, and losing a lot of blood but when she was loaded on the helicopter to be transported to the Borgo Trento hospital in Verona where she is still hospitalized, she was alert. Now his condition is serious but stable and, above all, he is not life threatening.

In the meantime, the two perpetrators of the attack had fled, but were tracked down at home, in Castelbelforte, by the carabinieri, while the parents, with whom the girls had confided, were accompanying them to the barracks.

Victim and torturer are described by all as three girls who had never given problems at school and outside, without crickets for the head. "We are all incredulous and disconcerted - said the League mayor and vice president of the Province, Massimiliano Gazzani -. The episode leaves our community stunned both for the violence used and for the age of the protagonists".