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actress Yoo Ain tested positive for propofol following hemp. The police will summon Yu after investigating the hospitals that prescribed him propofol.

Kim Hyung-rae is a reporter.

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it was confirmed that the hair of actress Yoo Ain, who is suspected of
taking narcotics, tested positive for propofol.

The police seized and searched Yu's body, including urine and hair, on the 5th, and a close examination by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation confirmed that he had taken propofol in his hair.

Earlier, the bureau informed the police that Yu's urine test came back positive for hemp, but the test did not detect propofol.

Since propofol is excreted from the body after a certain period of time, urine can only confirm that it has been taken for a short period of time, such as a week, but a hair test can investigate whether the drug has been taken up to the last one year.

Earlier, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety asked the police to investigate the circumstances under which Mr. Yu had repeatedly misused propofol since 1 through the Integrated Management System for Narcotic Drugs.

The police plan to summon Yu after investigating the hospital officials who prescribed propofol to him and his medical records to determine whether he actually took the drug for non-medical purposes.

Mr. Yu's agency said it was "awaiting the results of the police investigation."

(Video editing by Hwang Ji-young)