This is where Chungnam's budget market, restaurant entrepreneur Baek Jong-won is working on a project to revitalize the traditional market.

Due to the increase in visitors, it recently announced that it will be closed for refurbishment, and reviews have been posted that give an idea of the current state of the market, which is attracting attention.

Most of the legs of the whole roast chicken are charred.

This is a photo released by a user who recently visited the budget market.

'I thought it was too burnt, so I asked to change it, but they said it was okay because the area where the apple juice was applied was burnt.'

This grilled chicken is sold for 1,8 won each.

He added, "Even though it was a weekday, the parking lot was full, and both the noodle shop and the butcher shop were very waiting," and "I regret it."

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Earlier, Mr. Baek Jong-won carried out a project to revive the local market in his hometown of Chungnam, and it became so popular that 10,4 people visited it within a month.

However, after complaints such as long lines and lack of toilets, Mr. Baek Jong-won announced the closure and announced that he would reopen in April.