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The Philips S7788/55 shaver is equipped with the latest technology to make shaving a particularly pleasant moment. It prevents irritation thanks to its effectiveness, its features, its proven ergonomics, even on sensitive skin. It is available on Amazon at €117.99.

The Philips S7788/55 shaver with a resistant head for a flawless shave available from Amazon

Philips S7788/55 is ideal for people who shave daily or have a three-day beard. It takes care of your skin by effectively attacking the hair. The Philips 7000 series is a 100% waterproof razor designed to respect all skin types. He trims your beard, mustache... with precision, gliding perfectly on your skin. It is equipped with advanced SkinIQ technology. This smart sensor can detect the density of your hair 125 times per second, adapt to your hair and guide every movement for a better shave. Multifunctional, the three heads of the razor are flexible and rotate 360 ° to fit the curves of your face, your jaw, your neck, to give your beard, mustache, legs, the desired appearance. This smart shaver guides you to a more efficient shaving technique thanks to its Motion Control sensor. It is a motion detection technology that analyzes the way you shave by later helping you control each movement. No more painful shaves with 45 high-performance SteelPrecision self-sharpening blades. Your hair is cut more easily, and shaving is meant to be soft effortlessly.

The most of the 7000 series:

Easy maintenance of the device with the Quick Clean Pod cleaning station. Your razor is lubricated within a minute;

  • Use in the shower is possible;
  • Has a good autonomy, about 60 minutes;
  • Supplied with a compact cleaning cartridge, a magazine, a precision beard trimmer, a small cleaning station, a carrying case...;
  • Avoids rashes, shaving bumps and minimizes the risk of cuts.

Take advantage of the offer

Philips S7788/55 is literally life-changing compared to manual shaving: fluid grip, shorter shaving time and 25% less friction to minimize irritation.

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