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In Diyarbakır, Turkey

The ninth life of Zena, cat saved from the rubble of the earthquake after 16 days

Zena was stuck on the fourth floor of a collapsed shopping mall, rescue teams rescued her just before the complex was demolished.



While cats have nine lives, Zena has only eight lives.

16 days after the February 6 earthquake, which devastated a vast area of southern Turkey and northern Syria causing more than 45,89 deaths, the cat was spotted inside a partially collapsed shopping mall that was about to be demolished, in the Turkish city of Diyarbakır. Here the earthquake made many victims: <> dead and twenty injured.

The complex was called Galeria Business Center and teams of workers were working to secure the site with a controlled demolition. When it was realized that there was still life in the rubble, a rescuer lowered himself from a helicopter to the fourth floor of the building and not without difficulty managed to capture the cat.

Diyarbakır Deputy Municipality Secretary Veysel Kızılay told reporters that only one of the four cats believed to have remained in the ruined building has been captured, as rescue procedures continue to locate and rescue the other 3.