February 23, 2023

Jennifer Garner discovers hallucinogenic mushrooms

In the third season of Party Down, the character played by Jennifer Garner consumes hallucinogenic mushrooms and the actress found it "quite terrifying" to experience this sensation – even for fake.

"Every time I have to play a drunk character or whatever, it terrifies me, because I don't have a lot of experience," she told ET Online.

Fortunately, director Ken Marino "really held his hand" to make his performance more real than life!

Shy'm knows what to do when technology falls apart

Jean Imbert will take care of the kitchens of Marlon Brando Island

Since his victory in Top Chef on M6 in 2012, Jean Imbert is on all fronts, but his next project is special. The one who recently took over the kitchens of the Plaza Athénée will indeed take the lead of the restaurants of the mythical hotel Le Brando, which is located in French Polynesia.

The site, made up of a dozen small islands, was bought by Marlon Brando, who made it an eco-friendly paradise. A dream for the starred chef, who has "chills".

"Since Marlon Brando Island in Polynesia became a hotel eight years ago, I have never stopped dreaming of one day becoming the chef (...) In life, you can always do the craziest projects in the world, BUT nothing can ever buy the story, and here Marlon Brando's Atoll is also my story, that of a 16-year-old teenager who watched The Godfather and all his greatest movies with his dad and who tonight became the leader of his Atoll, is fulfilling one of his dreams," he wrote on Instagram to announce the big change.

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