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A powerful security camera offers you multiple advantages: deterrent effect for burglars, squatters, video recording with constant vision of events inside and outside the home ... Google Nest devices make your daily life easier, even when you're away from home. Go on holiday in peace.

Guaranteed optimal home security with Google Nest connected devices available at Amazon

Security cameras installed inside and outside the home allow you to analyze all types of activities and warn you in case of unusual events. It is still necessary to find the system adapted to your needs, efficient and respectful of your privacy. Google Nest devices take pride in respecting privacy, including the collection of information. This is thanks to two-step validation and video encryption. Smart Nest Cam differentiates between objects, animals and people, so it only sends you accurate alerts in your Google Home app. At only €84.99, Google Nest Cam indoor, the connected security camera for the interior, informs you in real time via Google Home. Day and night images are always sharp thanks to HDR technology and Night Vision so you don't miss a thing. Recording surveillance camera videos on the Cloud can be free or paid. You have 3 hours for free use to view video history or purchase Nest Aware for up to 60 days of consultation. Right now, the indoor Nest Cam is at -3%.


Amazon: Quick installation of Google Nest devices at your fingertips

Install Google Nest devices in minutes. Download the Google Home app, set up your indoor Google Nest Cam in just a few steps after plugging it into an electrical outlet in your home. Ditto the Google Nest Door Bell wireless video doorbell available at €169.99. You can install it yourself simply, because it runs on battery. This device keeps you informed of the presence of a third party, for example, a delivery person. You can communicate remotely with this person, give them instructions, etc. With the Google Nest Door Bell device, get a 4% discount.

Google Nest device compatibility with virtual assistants: Up to 10% immediate discount on Nest Cam with projector

Google Nest devices, like the Google Nest Cam connected security camera for outdoors, are compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Watch your recorded content on TVs, screens using your virtual assistants. Google Nest Cam with projector is priced at €259.99. From now on, leave home without fear. Not only does this camera detect external events with relevance, but also, you can act from anywhere by scaring away an intruder. This is possible by speaking via the camera and turning on your projector remotely. Thus, during your travels, you still intervene if necessary.


With a good security system, stay informed of events happening at home by receiving relevant alerts. It's handy when you're a thousand miles away while watching your home. Google Nest devices protect your home every day.

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