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actor Yoo Ain tested positive for cannabis and then tested positive for propofol. The police plan to summon Mr. Yu soon to investigate whether he has taken habitual drugs.

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it was confirmed that the hair of actress Yoo Ain, who is suspected of
taking narcotics, tested positive for propofol.

Recently, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation notified the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the results of the detailed evaluation of Yoo's hair.

Last year, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety asked the police to investigate, claiming that Yu had been routinely prescribed the general anesthetic propofol since 2021.

The police seized and searched Yu's body, including urine and hair, after she entered Incheon Airport on the 5th.

Earlier, the bureau informed police that a urine test result came back positive for hemp.

In the same test, no propofol was detected.

Propofol is excreted from the body after a certain period of time, so it was not detected in a urine test, but the ingredient remains in the hair and it appears to have tested positive.

Police officials said they plan to summon Yu for questioning in due time.

Through the results of the detailed evaluation of the bureau and the analysis of mobile phone data, it is expected to reveal whether the drug is habitually administered.

At a press conference yesterday (23rd), KFDA Commissioner Oh Yoo-kyung said, "What the MFDS caught was not Yuain, but Um Hong-sik."

Eom Hong-sik is Yu's real name.

It is explained that the investigation was not aimed at actress Yoo A-in, but that the misuse of propofol by Mr. Um was caught through the Integrated Narcotics Management System.

(Video editing by Yoon Tae-ho)