This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the apprentice witch. After recessioncore, rom-com core, blokecore, or cartooncore tendencies, which have nothing to do with each other; the Enyacore aesthetic takes us in turn into a universe where it is a question of castle life, Gothic style and 1990s.

The Enyacore aesthetic explores another aspect of this period, "darker and celestial," as Vice magazine explains. Two eras collide, the second half of the Middle Ages and the end of the 1990s, to bring a modern touch to the Gothic style. All on a background of music, and more specifically the song Orinoco Flow by the Irish singer Enya which, it will be understood, gives its name to this new aesthetic.

The aesthetics that charm

The Enyacore trend is a continuation of another aesthetic, Whimsigoth, which invites men and women to embrace the wardrobe of (nice) witches. But Sabrina and Buffy this time swap their teenage outfits and rooms for a more mature, wiser, and undoubtedly more elaborate dressing room and decoration. All tinged with esotericism, grimoires, stars, and other symbols, a practice that is gaining ground in the world, especially among the younger generations.


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♬ Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) [Single Version] - Enya

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Let the magic happen

But concretely, how does the Enyacore aesthetic translate? Rest assured, it is not a question of putting on your armor to face a world in turmoil - although. The trend is essentially reflected in a profusion of velvet, in decoration as in fashion, motifs worthy of the most beautiful tapestries of the medieval period, or by the omnipresence of chain mail. For the house, we can add chandeliers, antique or raw furniture, large fabrics as curtains, or esoteric trinkets. In fashion, it will be necessary to deal with slip dress decorated with lace, velvet necklaces, imposing dresses, and even ... long gloves. A trend against a backdrop of 'newstalgia', this nostalgia 2.0 that intends to use the past to propose something modern, totally new, and certainly more positive.

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