To prevent pigeons from invading trees and squares, many cities employ ethical and animal-friendly methods, such as contraceptive dovecotes. This is not the case of Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), which would have opted for the capture and gassing of birds, reports Le Parisien.

This "cruel" method is denounced by Paris Animaux Zoopolis (PAZ). In April 2022, the association called the city and 140 other municipalities in France to account for their handling of pigeons.

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The mayor of Enghien-les-Bains denies

"A third of them did not answer us, including Sarcelles," notes the co-founder of PAZ, Amandine Sanvisens, to the Parisian. The association had to seize the administrative court of Cergy to finally obtain this information, in January 2023.

Like Sarcelles, Enghien-les-Bains (Val-d'Oise) would also gas its pigeons. A practice denied by Mayor Philippe Sueur (LR). To convince residents and municipalities to switch to methods more respectful of animal welfare, the association towed this Wednesday in Sarcelles in front of the administrative center.

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