When she appeared all dressed in carmine at the Super Bowl, Rihanna hit the spirits. And if his show lived up to the expectations of his millions of fans, they were doubly upset since their idol unveiled his rounded belly. And the public is not the only one to have learned of the second pregnancy of the interpreter of Umbrella live: his father too!

Ronald Fenty revealed to TMZ that he discovered the news at the same time as the rest of the world. "I learned it like you," he exclaimed.

It is common knowledge that relations between father and daughter are not the most cordial. In 2019, Rihanna had even filed a complaint against him. It must be said that his father tried to sell to halls and promoters of his daughter's concerts without warning him and without being mandated for this role either...

If Rihanna dropped her complaint in 2021, it is obviously not for all that she has resumed a sustained contact with her father. He is still waiting to meet his grandson, who is already nine months old. He explains this expectation by "Rihanna's busy schedule".


However, relations are not totally broken between the singer and her father. It was not in front of the TV that he learned of the new pregnancy, but installed in the stadium where the Super Bowl final was taking place. Rihanna had offered him seats.

Grandfather of four boys, the future grandpa would like, this time, a granddaughter. "I hope it will be a girl this time," RiRi's father said.

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