Lessons from the word

Muhammad Salem Al Ali

23 February 2023

While I was following the activities of the World Government Summit, and the dialogues and discussions that included it, I analyzed the present and drew the facts of the future, I was stopped by the memorable speech of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, who began it with the highest meanings of brotherhood and humanity by praying for the Syrian and Turkish peoples, to relieve adversity and alleviate the horrors, and then continued with words and phrases that combine recalling the ancient past of the emirate, addressing its bright present, and demarcating the features of its future. Promising filled with hope, happiness and prosperity.

Yes, ambition is the engine of nations and peoples, and the ambition of the people of this country is firmly rooted in their Arab, Islamic and human identity, and this is precisely what made the UAE a beacon for nations, and a platform to transcend the present and reach future horizons.

His Highness has laid down the rules of the future and drawn its features, and stressed beyond any doubt and conjecture, that the future of Ras Al Khaimah is based on four pillars, the essence of which is the human being, and its title is what will come and be, the first of which is "a citizen capable of making his future", and what a great confidence His Highness placed in his citizens, as they do not wait for tomorrow and hope for it, but rather make it from today with their efforts and arms.

The second is "a preserved natural environment that preserves historical identity", and I do not think here that anyone is aware of the natural beauty of Ras Al Khaimah, with its beaches, sands and mountains, or its history that strikes the depths of time, and brings us a 7000,<>-year-old heritage, during which the land of the emirate was home to civilization, and a bridge for exchange linking the continents of the ancient world with all the peoples and cultures who lived in it.

The third is "a government that builds bridges for prosperity and progress towards a bright future", that is, an effective government that lays the foundations and builds bridges for everyone who wants to cross and reach this promised future, and here it not only provides the tools for success, but also invests in the human being himself, and enables him to explore the worlds of tomorrow knowing that there is someone who will support and guide him.

The fourth is "a sustainable bioeconomy that ensures prosperity and is the key to a better tomorrow", that is, an economy that invests in people before business, and then embraces them together with a sustainable approach, takes into account the environment and society, and creates growing prosperity that pleases everyone in the present and future.

His Highness stressed that success is based on two aspects: the nurturing environment, i.e. the sons of the homeland who are united by the Union and unite their march towards one goal, and the wise leadership that turned the dream into reality through a set of wise visions and strategies, which played a first role in bringing the UAE to the forefront of the developed world.

"A large emirate with its ambitions and the determination of its sons and daughters", this is the story of Ras Al Khaimah as reported by the words of His Highness, small economies grow with wise leadership, and grow in numbers to exceed all hopes and expectations, the emirate today has succeeded, thanks to its strong infrastructure, in attracting various types of investments, industrial, technological, tourism and real estate, and has become a leading model for innovation, partnerships and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, His Highness crowned his words, saying that our achievements and successes are only the result of the efforts of the rulers of the Emirates, and the embodiment of the spirit of cooperation and cohesion among the people of this great country, and if the past testifies to superiority, the next will be manifested through a government that carries the same spirit and ambitions, and plays as one band for an uncontrolled future. By God, there is no saying in Ras Al Khaimah after what he said.

Founder of Suhail Smart Solutions

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