In the case of the killed five-year-old in Berlin, the 19-year-old babysitter of the child is under urgent suspicion. The man had taken care of the four children of the family on Tuesday afternoon on a playground in the northern district of Pankow, said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office on Wednesday. He then went away with the five-year-old. As justification, he said that the child had to go to the toilet. He had asked other people to take care of the three other children. The German Turk then came back without the girl and said he had lost her.

The alerted police then launched a large search operation with more than 100 officers and a helicopter. After a few hours, the lifeless girl was found a few hundred meters away from passers-by in the Bürgerpark. It had at least one stab wound. A revival was unsuccessful. The child was flown by helicopter to a hospital, where he died.

The 19-Year-old was arrested shortly thereafter "on the edge of the park", in which the girl was found, said a police spokeswoman on Wednesday. "If the suspicion is confirmed, he should be presented today to a magistrate," the spokeswoman continued. The exact background of the crime is still the subject of the investigation. The five-year-old had the german-Polish-Turkish citizenship, police reported on demand.

"In the afternoon, a policeman was in the shop and asked if we had seen a man with a little girl," said an employee of a restaurant on the corner of the park. Then word quickly got around about what had happened. "They shut everything down here. A helicopter also flew here for a long time."