Florida, U.S.A.

Fear on the carousel: the cabins swing conspicuously and people upside down shout for help

The malfunction of the attraction caused moments of panic. At one point visitors found themselves stuck in mid-air, hanging, without seat belts.



"People found themselves stuck in mid-air, upside down and without seat belts," Alexis Cresong wrote on Facebook. Guilty, probably, of the strong gusts of wind but also of a malfunction of the mechanism that regulates the "race" of the seats. The carousel, nicknamed "Enterprise", a sort of Ferris wheel, normally prevents the cabins from swinging quickly. The images, on the other hand, document anything but. So a quiet day at the fair turned into moments of fear. The people, climbed on the attraction, found themselves inside a half-open cabin that began to swing conspicuously. For the unfortunate there was nothing to do but hold on and try to resist since no one, according to the testimonies, wore seat belts. Calls for help mobilized security, while at one point in the footage a roar can be heard caused by something falling from one of the seats.