Some restaurants in the traditional market in South Chungcheongnam will be closed for about a month from the 27th to reorganize and will reopen on April 4.

The permanent budget market has gone viral as a 'Save the Budget Market Project' by CEO Baek Jong-won Debon Korea, attracting up to 1,1 people a day as of the weekend, but problems such as lack of infrastructure have also been raised.

In this regard, CEO Baek Jong-won said on the morning of today (5nd), "Urgent! In a YouTube video titled 'Budget Market Suspends', it was announced that the budget market will be closed from the 22th to the 27st of next month.

However, it said that it will not close all stores in the market, but only the five restaurants that worked on the project with Mr. Baek.

Mr. Baek said that the store will undergo phased maintenance and upgrades during the closure period and reopen on April 31.

We will be looking for ways to solve the problem of long lines during the closure, developing new menus for children, and working to solve the dust problem in the store, and five more stores selling fries and pizza will be added.

"We will prepare food, sights, and even places to live," Paik confidently said, and in response to concerns about the project, such as "glitter and then perish" and "how long can it last," he said, "I know it's not evil, it's cheering. I can't sleep because I'm more worried than anyone else," he said, vowing to be more prepared.

(Photo = Courtesy of Budget Army, YouTube 'Baek Jong-won')