A flock of sheep was attacked by a wolf in the night from Sunday to Monday in the town of Gières (Isère). Three animals were found slaughtered in the early morning by their owner, reports Le Dauphiné.

The attack occurred on a fenced plot located near homes and especially a few meters from a school. Interviewed by Le Dauphiné, the herd manager said that in forty years of residence in the area, she had never witnessed such proximity to the predator.

The wolf closer and closer

The attack occurred in the middle of the night and residents living in the nearest house heard almost nothing. It was in the morning that the owners discovered the carnage. "In winter, [the ewes] are normally locked in the sheepfold," says the owner. "There as the weather is nice, we had left it open."

Alerted, the services of the State went on site this Monday morning and were able to confirm that it was a wolf attack. The corpses of the three ewes were taken for analysis. In recent weeks, similar attacks have occurred closest to homes in several municipalities, including Poisat, Herbeys and Venon.

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