But in rural areas, in addition to the pediatrics that we saw earlier, there are many places where there is a shortage of essential medical personnel. The Sokcho Medical Center in Gangwon Province, which shortened its emergency room because it could not find a doctor to provide emergency medical care, is experiencing a setback in surgery because it does not have an anesthesiologist this time.

This is an exclusive report by G1 reporter Cho Ki-hyun.

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There is an announcement on the Sokcho Medical Center website that they are looking for specialists in anesthesiology and pain medicine.

The announcement began in May last year.

In April last year, one anesthesiologist resigned and issued an announcement, but he has not yet been able to obtain it.

So far, only 5 re-announcements.

It is unlikely to be filled.

Immediate disruption of surgery is inevitable.

An official from Sokcho Medical Center said, "Normally, surgery should be possible every day, but currently surgery is performed one day a week."

In particular, emergency surgeries are prohibitive, and patients who need night surgeries have to be sent to other hospitals.

Surgeries are not going smoothly and patient churn is increasing.

Excluding the corona ward, there are only about 4 patients out of 1 beds, including intensive care units.

The bigger problem is that the one remaining anesthesiologist is also quitting soon.

If you can't get a doctor by next month, surgery at Sokcho Medical Center will not be possible.

[Sokcho Medical Center official: This time, while working with emergency medicine, the anesthesiology department also increased the salary a little, but there are no applicants at the moment.]

As the medical staff vacancies at Sokcho Medical Center have occurred one after another, internal concerns are raising the need to overhaul the overall management, not just salary increases.

(Video Interview: Kwon Kyung-won G19 Broadcast, CG: Lee Min-seok G130 Broadcast)

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