A mother who suspected her 8-year-old son's friend of being the perpetrator of school violence and went to him and yelled at him has been put on trial for child abuse but acquitted.

Judge Lee Hae-bin, 7th Judge of the Criminal Division of the Incheon District Law, announced today (51st) that he has acquitted Mr. A (21), who is charged with child abuse under the Child Welfare Act.

Mr. A was accused of yelling and abusing his son's friend Mr. B (2021) near the back gate of an elementary school in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, on March 3, 25.

He warned Soldier B, "I keep watching you because you hit my son with your hand and make fun of him," and "if you do it one more time, I'll report you for school violence."

At that time, Group B who came out of school was following a taekwondo teacher and was lining up with his friends to go to the academy.

Four months before the incident, Mr. A reported Group B to an education support agency in Incheon City for school violence when he was told by his son that "(a friend) calls him a pig at school."

The prosecutor's office charged Mr. A with a fine of 8,4 won in December 2021, saying that punting and yelling at Party B in front of other friends constituted emotional abuse.

However, Mr. A claimed that he was unhappy and requested a formal trial in April last year.

The court found that while the conduct was inappropriate at the time, it could not be considered an act of emotional abuse.

"The defendant appears to have done so with the idea that he should prevent further harm when he was aware that his child had already been subjected to school violence by Soldier B," the court said, explaining that he "did not swear or make physical contact in the process."

"Mr. A's conduct is somewhat inappropriate," he said, adding, "It is difficult to conclude that such conduct was an act of mental violence or cruelty that would harm Mr. B's mental health, and that there was intentional emotional abuse."

Summary prosecution: This is a procedure in which a fine is sought on paper, and if the accused pleads not guilty or pleads guilty, but thinks the punishment is excessive, he or she can request a formal trial within 12 days from the date of receipt of the summary order.