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This is the €175 discount on the iScooter i9Max. More accessible than ever, it comes with additional benefits.

An electric scooter from 300€ at Cdiscount

Normally, the machine is available at €544.99 on the French website. For a limited time, it reduces this price to € 369.99 and adds various advantages. Other offers also await you: by choosing the 7.5 Ah version instead of the 10 Ah, the scooter will cost you € 299.99 instead of € 426.89, or € 126.90 immediate discount.

If you fall for the i9Max iScooter, Cdiscount offers delivery (with delivery options at home or at a pick-up point). The brand also offers you to take back one of your old products, a useful initiative to get rid of an old object.

You can choose to adjust your new scooter in installments. With monthly payments of €94.68, the device is even easier to finance. Think about the options: the 2-month money-back formula awaits you for only €18.99.

Take advantage of the offer

The features of the iScooter i9Max

There's a lot to remember about the i9Max. This scooter uses 8.5-inch inflatable tires with inner tubes, a feature that ensures better cushioning on the road. Cdiscount even provides you with a spare inner tube.

Its maximum range of 25 kilometers allows it to meet the needs of small daily trips. It will be ideal for your urban travel between your home and work.

In addition to the LED display displaying the chosen driving mode and the remaining charge, additional functions are available on the smartphone. Once the application is downloaded and connected to the machine, it will activate the cruise control, activate the anti-theft device and turn on the lights. It will even provide information regarding the condition of the vehicle, helping with its possible troubleshooting.

One last advantage: the i9Max is a foldable scooter. Light (only 11.2 kilos), it can be taken on public transport or slip into the trunk of your car. It is thus suitable for your other walks.

Take advantage of the offer

At Cdiscount, you will also find useful accessories, such as a smartphone holder or a new charger. Also check out the scooters of other brands: Xiaomi or Urbanglide models are also many to display reduced prices.

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