So she went under the knife after all. Two weeks after the Grammys, where Madonna attracted attention with unusually tight facial features, the singer now admitted plastic surgery.

"Look how cute I look after the swelling from the procedure has subsided," the sixty-four-year-old wrote in a tweet to her fans on Monday. Meanwhile, a photo showed Madonna with still unnaturally heart-shaped cheeks, lush lips and wrinkle-free skin.

In the days following the Grammys, the pop icon ("Vogue") blamed unflattering shots of press photographers and prejudices against older women in the entertainment industry for the controversy on social media.

"Once again, I stand in the light of ageism and misogyny permeating our world," she wrote at the time. "A world that refuses to celebrate women older than 45." At the time, however, she did not respond to speculation about scalpels and/or Botox.