The President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, Anna Oxa, Wanda Nara, Naike Rivelli are the first guests to end up in the clutches of Francesca Fagnani in the new cycle of "Belve", which from February 21 airs on Rai2 at 21.20 for a total of five episodes.

"My goal is not to be aggressive but to try to tell the character through new nuances. Basically, I feel like a reporter, it's a method that I brought with me. The principle is that of truth. In the first episode there are Anna Oxa, Wanda Nara, Ignazio La Russa and Naike Rivelli, each in his own way has a story to tell and a load of unsaid that is already raising expectations", says the journalist back from the Sanremo experience.

"In the studio that is renovated we have the audience. Then there will be comic moments entrusted to Ubaldo Pantani. When I hear the applause I get destabilized, I still have to get used to it." The program is enriched by new entries in the cast. "We have the Eterobasiche and Cristina Di Tella, influencers who shore up the spaces between one interview and another, but the "belvitudine" remains. " He will accompany all interviews. It is not aggression, my goal is to tell a character already known through new nuances, episodes or character traits that we do not know", explains Francesca Fagnani.

He doesn't want to hear about censorship or self-censorship. "I never had any form of pressure, I never showed the interview to the interviewee before. The case of Lamborghini? She wanted to see her first and we said no and so the interview was not aired because she did not sign the release", she says, then also reveals a "tender heart": "When I felt real fragility, I stopped, I did not want to sink". "However - he continues - I respect more a guest who takes a step back by refusing the invitation rather than telling me 'let's not talk about this or that, don't ask me questions about this topic'. Just as I have the courage and tenacity to ask questions, I admire the guest who has the courage to answer".

In any case, he adds, "beast for me is a compliment because the beasts are the determined, courageous people, who play the attack, not gregarious. I like to interview those who have courage."

Beasts reaps success and consensus also on social media: it exploded after the interview with Pamela Prati. On TikTok it has become a viral phenomenon: the hashtag #Belve has obtained more than 101 million views and #FrancescaFagnani 83.5 million, has collected 107 thousand interactions and 1.8 million views of video content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Anna Oxa on the fake "quarrel" with Madame

With Anna Oxa, exclusive guest at Belve after having deserted red carpet, interviews and TV hosts, the last edition of the Sanremo Festival is deepened and there is also room for the mystery of the "quarrel with Madame". "It was artfully orchestrated by some living room. I can't say anything else, we filed a lawsuit. There will be a way later to tell," says Oxa.

Even Wanda Nara tells herself freewheeling and ensures that, beyond the push and pull, the accusations of betrayals and the hypotheses of separation, today the marriage with Mauro Icardi proceeds serenely, at her side also on the occasion of the interview in the television studios.

The "case" La Russa"

Ignazio La Russa tells "a beast that he made": when my friend Ronzulli had taken Meloni's place, and I kicked her out...", he says. Then he lets go. "A gay son? I would accept the news with regret, because it would be a son who would not resemble me, it would be as if he were Milanist, it is a precise comparison, what I do" and again: "The aesthetic level of women in the center-right has decreased. The level of quality has increased. I don't look to the left." A small political case breaks out.

"President La Russa forgets his role as the second office of the state and succeeds in the miraculous feat of expressing himself inadequately on women and homosexuals in the same interview." So Senator Silvia Fregolent, of the presidency of the Action Group - Italia Viva - Renew Europe.

"The only disaster for Italian families is to have the second office of the State that makes homophobic, sexist, and nostalgic statements demonstrating the total inadequacy to the institutional role it holds". Elly Schlein, candidate for the Secretariat of the Democratic Party, writes in a post on Twitter.

"Only last November, President La Russa sent an unexpected greeting message to the congress of Arcigay in which he declared himself 'always at the forefront' in the defense of rights. Today we discover that behind that singular fervor, there was the compassion of knowing ourselves, we homosexuals, different from him, a heterosexual", says Gabriele Piazzoni, secretary general of Arcigay commenting on some statements by the president of the Senate who intervenes on the matter:

"I read about a lot of criticism coming from those who haven't even seen the program, since it airs tonight, without understanding the context. To a specific question I replied that having a gay child would be a small regret, but not a problem. Then it really happened to me: one of my sons went to the stadium to see Milan, and for me it was a small regret, nothing more."