At 19, Kyrian is a ski instructor at the resort of La Plagne, in Savoie. He holds this position in the winter, in seasonal employment, which offers him a certain freedom: "I finished high school I immediately moved into professional life. I work here in the winter season, from December to April, and then I go wakeboarding during the summer season. ».

"I chose skiing because I can't stand being locked up"

To become an instructor, Kyrian had to pass several exams. "The training lasts three years; I started it at 17, in high school. While others were going to higher education, I preferred to go skiing because I can't stand being locked up," he explains.

Despite the clichés, the instructors are "people like everyone else", according to the young man: "We are said to be alcoholics and very flirtatious, when not... We're not all like that all the time, with the Savoyard accent, and we don't just eat fondue, we also eat pasta," he laughs.


The job of instructor is rather well paid: "We are paid by the hour, so we can earn up to 6,000 euros a month. Even a little more, sometimes, it depends on where you are in your ski diploma, says Kyrian. After that, it doesn't last all year. And some only make the winter seasons. In the summer, they have to live on what they earned if they don't have another job."

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