Crew rescued in Australia after colliding with 70kg fish

Rescuers have successfully rescued the crew of a fishing vessel off the east coast of Australia after a 70-kilogram Black Marlin hit its engine and punctured it.

The captain of the 6.7-metre private fishing vessel said the crew caught the fish at around 02pm local time (00:32 GMT) on Sunday when the fish turned around and collided with the vessel, which was about <>km off Tora Head in southern New South Wales.

"We were fighting it and it turned and hit the engine. It happened very quickly."

"It was a terrible thing."

Rescuers said the fish collided with the ship's engine and punched a hole in its cloth casing, disabling its power.

"It was an extraordinary rescue," said Bill Blakeman, commander of the Merimbula marine rescue unit, who was part of the crew that towled the fishing vessel to land.

"I've had two shark-related incidents over the years where propellers have attacked, but Marilyn has never disabled a ship," Blakeman added.