A new wolf attack occurred on Thursday in Die (Drôme). Four sheep died under the teeth of the canid in the early morning, only 700 m from the entrance of the town, reports Le Dauphiné.

The flock of seven ewes and seven lambs was attacked at dawn while in a field surrounded by a metre-high electric fence. When he arrived at the scene, the farmer found two of his animals slaughtered and two others lying on the ground in agony. They did not survive.

More than 300 attacks in 2022

The head of the departmental service of the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) visited the site. After examining the sheep and taking samples for analysis, he was able to confirm that the attack was indeed the work of a wolf.

On a video filmed by a neighbor, we see the canine chasing the animals and attacking them before fleeing without devouring them. The farmer will now shelter his flock in the sheepfold at night. In 2022, 320 wolf attacks occurred in the Drôme, according to the OFB.

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