The driver on the run after his sentence to eight years in prison for fatally mowing down Jérôme Bonduelle, one of the leaders of the agri-food group of the same name, was arrested and incarcerated in the North, we learned Friday from the prosecutor's office. He has been imprisoned in the prison of Annœullin since February 7, said the prosecutor of Lille, Carole Etienne, confirming information from the Voice of the North.

He had been sentenced to eight years' imprisonment with an arrest warrant and a five-year ban on obtaining a driver's licence, and is appealing the sentence against him, she said. But, appearing free at the end of his pre-trial detention, he had disappeared before the verdict was handed down in November 2022, according to La Voix du Nord.

A man already convicted six times

He had already been convicted six times, including once for a traffic offense, said the prosecutor during his arrest, shortly after the accident after which he had fled.

Youngest son of the emblematic former president of the group, Bruno Bonduelle, himself who died in September, Jérôme Bonduelle was hit in August 2020, at night, by a car traveling at high speed, while he was cycling near the Lille-Europe station. At the age of 50, he was then Director of Bonduelle Prospective and Development.

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