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On Jan. 15, an online community posted a post titled, "Officetel manager angry because of two women."

According to the accompanying photos, on December 12 last year, a large amount of leftover food and garbage was lying in front of an officetel separate collection station.

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The caretaker then wrote a note next to the rubbish and said, "I hope you will sort it out and dispose of it well," and asked him to dispose of it properly as he would check it on CCTV.

However, despite the caretaker's appeal, the residents in question continued to leave the dumped garbage undisposed of, so the caretaker again specified the gender and time of dumping of the residents and asked, "At 12:17 p.m. on December 9, two women, shouldn't you throw them away like this? Deal with it."

They responded, "If you ask me to throw it out of my house, I will never do that," and "Isn't it pricked by my conscience, isn't it embarrassing?"

(Image source: Online Community)