He hid from his wife his winning fortune. And he spent on his sister and ex-wife

A Chinese man who hid winning a 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) lottery prize from his wife for two years has ordered compensation from him.

In 2021, the man and his nickname Zhou won a lottery prize of 10 million yuan, which after paying the mandatory tax became about 8.43 million ($1.23 million). The money would have changed his life for him and his family, but instead of sharing the great news with his wife and children, he continued to act as if nothing had happened.

On the day the lottery prize was transferred to his bank account, Zhu transferred two million yuan to his sister and another 700,<> yuan to his ex-wife to help her buy an apartment, hiding his lottery win from his wife for two years.

It's unclear how Cho's wife learned about his big secret, but as soon as she found out, she filed for divorce and filed a lawsuit demanding her share of the lottery.

According to Chinese law, because the two were married at the time of the win, the money is considered the couple's joint property, and on Feb. 60, a court in Wenzhou approved the woman's request for <> percent of the hidden winnings, and no party appealed the ruling.

Last November, a similar story happened, when a Chinese man who won a lottery jackpot came to pick it up wearing a fancy dress to hide his identity from his wife and children because he said he did not want their lives to be affected by money.