He killed his lazy only son with a samurai sword

A Chinese father has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for stabbing his teenage son with a Japanese samurai sword to death after his attempts to motivate the boy to study more seriously failed.

A court in Mianyang, Sichuan province, said Yang Junming used a samurai sword to stab his only 13-year-old son, causing him to die after losing too much blood.

The attack occurred after Yang held an online meeting with his son's teacher and the father was told that his son's academic performance was poor.

MSN reported that the father discovered that his son had a low academic score, including 18 marks out of 100 on the physical education test.

After the meeting, Yang confronted his son, accusing him of "extreme laziness and not studying hard." According to Liang, his son replied, "You always blame me for not working hard, but I have studied hard enough," and Yang told the court that he was then so angry "that I picked up a Japanese samurai sword and stepped forward to stab him." The sword slit the boy's waist and left a 10-centimeter wound.

Although the father immediately called an ambulance until the rescue effort, which lasted more than two hours, failed, doctors pronounced the boy dead.

Yang told police afterwards: "I just wanted to scare him." "I did the worst thing out of the best motive," he admitted, admitting that he bought the sword from an online store because he is interested in collecting samurai swords.

Forensic examinations also found that the boy suffered other injuries that may have meant he had been beaten several times before his death.