A 2-year-old mother who threw her 20-month-old baby to the ground to death and her father who neglected it have been sentenced to prison.

On the 16th, Judge Lim Dong-han of the Criminal Division 1 of the West Branch of the Daegu District Law sentenced her mother A (22), who was accused of violating the Special Law on the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes (child abuse murder), to 18 years in prison, and ordered her to complete an 80-hour child abuse treatment program and to be restricted from working in child-related institutions for 10 years.

His father, Mr. B (22), who was also charged with child abuse manslaughter, was sentenced to six years in prison, ordered to complete a 6-hour child abuse treatment program, and to be restricted from working in child-related institutions for five years.

Mr. A was put on trial for allegedly throwing a 40-month-old baby to the floor of his room and leaving him to die during an argument with Mr. B at his home in Daegu Dalseong County on the night of May 5 last year.

Mr. B is also accused of causing Mr. A's death by leaving the baby unattended to the hospital even though he had injured it.

Leaving the baby unattended, Miss A exchanged text messages with another man, and Miss B allegedly played a game.

The baby was thrown to the ground and suffered serious injuries from a fractured forehead bone, and when the baby's symptoms worsened, he was belatedly taken to the hospital, where he died two days later.

When a death certificate was needed for the funeral of the deceased baby, they reportedly went to the hospital, lying that the baby had died after vomiting in his sleep.

Later, during a police investigation, he belatedly admitted to the crime, saying he had "thrown a child," but the court denied the allegations and reversed his statement.

The tribunal said: "The couple failed to fulfill their duty of care to safely raise the affected infant. In particular, defendant A confessed to the crime by the investigating agency and denied it in court, but after examining the evidence submitted by the prosecution, he is found guilty of all the charges."