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Please note that this discount is only available for a very limited time. We remind you of the principle of Cdiscount's 24H Chrono operation and what Nintendo's Switch offers to the whole family.

24 hours to enjoy a cheap Switch with Cdiscount

Cdiscount has launched a new 24H Chrono campaign. Until February 19th, the French site will offer you every day 3 new good deals. This Thursday, February 16, Nintendo's famous console is in the spotlight. Accompanied by two games, this OLED version pack is only €379.99.

Discover the next generation of Pokémon with Pokémon: Arceus and get back into the sport with Nintendo Switch Sports.

Are you thinking of cracking? To finish convincing you and help you save money, Cdiscount offers delivery and gives you the opportunity to pay in several installments (4 monthly payments of 97.24 €). In addition, the brand will be able to take back one of your old products.

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OLED switch: the console brought up to date

Nintendo recently unveiled a new version of its console released in 2017. Its new screen takes advantage of OLED technology, a display method that offers better contrast and a warmer image.

This is an opportunity to find the flagship titles of the Japanese firm. After the legendary The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, a new opus is already planned. The highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy will also be on Switch. The same goes for Fire Emblem Engage, the new Pikmin, Final Fantasy XVI: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum... A catalogue capable of addressing the whole family.

This new Switch takes the recipe that made its success. Play the way you want on your TV. But if one of your loved ones wants to watch a movie, switch to the console screen in an instant. Meet your friends and discover a frenzied pace of play on many multiplayer titles (like the latest Mario Kart, for example).

Take advantage of the offer

With the 24H Chrono operation, you only have a few hours left to enjoy a game console at a low price. Also take advantage of your visit to the Cdiscount website to discover the other good deals planned. The calendar of deals can be consulted directly online.

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