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Bioparco di Roma, the lion that cries and outrages animal rights activists? "He didn't go crazy, he's fine"

In recent days, a video spread on social media, and taken up by the media, had questioned the health of the Asiatic lion Ravi. A fairly rare specimen, considering that in the wild there are about 600 in the Gir Indian Reserve.


We report the note of the Bioparco di Roma regarding the video circulating on the net and that would raise doubts about the health of the Asian lion "resident" in the zoological garden.

"The primary concern for the veterinary and zoological staff of the Bioparco is animal welfare, an essential objective of our institution, together with conservation. As an ethologist, I would like to reassure all those who have worried about the Asiatic lion Ravi. Our magnificent feline, who shares a large space with the female Sajani, is fine, his behavior is normal". This was stated in a note by the president of the Bioparco Foundation, Paola Palanza, an ethologist, commenting on the video of the 'crying lion' published on social media and taken up by some media in a negative key.

"In the majestic gait - explains Palanza - Ravi emphasizes his territory and expresses his positive expectation waiting for the time of the meal, manifesting the impatience to return to the internal hospitalizations. Just like house cats do. I emphasize that the Asiatic lion is classified by the World Union for Conservation of Nature as critically endangered, only about 600 specimens survive in the wild only in the Gir reserve, in India. The Biopark participates in conservation programs for the protection of these felines by joining the European EEP program (Eaza Ex Situ Programme), coordinated by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). We sincerely thank you for the great attention shown, we are always attentive to the reports and suggestions of all those who love animals", concluded the president.