Young people may talk about it a lot, but they do less about it than their parents. The latest survey becoming for APEF on "French and love*", released in January 2023, reveals that 60-70 year olds are more interested and practice sex more (34%), than those under 18-24 (21%). In addition, sexuality counts in love especially for men (37%), but much less for women (16%). These results are part of several other surveys.

More freedom among seniors

These results are a priori surprising among young people, while it has never been easier in our society to live sexual relationships, whether between "casual friends", or through dating applications. But, as France Ortelli pointed out in the episode of "Tout Sexplain" entitled "Sex (for two) is no longer envy": the more you can do it, the less you want to do it, in an anxiety-provoking society that exhausts young people...

In this episode of "Tout Sexplain", our weekly podcast dedicated to sexuality, health and society, listen to Véronique Cayado, a research engineer in the humanities specializing in aging issues for the Oui Care Institute. The author of Tu comprendre quand tu seras vieux (Palio editions, 2022) returns to the sexuality of seniors, which is still taboo, a source of discomfort for many younger people.

In this interview, Véronique Cayado stresses that aging "does not mean a lowering of libido, desire. It is not age, as such, that can explain everything." Why is the "baby boomer" generation more liberated, and has more sex than previous generations? Why does the sexuality of seniors represent a societal revolution regarding the representation of old age? How to consider the sexuality of seniors, especially in senior residences and nursing homes? What developments can we imagine in the next decade? These are questions from this interview with Véronique Cayado, to listen above.

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*Electronic survey interviewing 1,000 men and women representative of the French population, in terms of gender, age, PCS and region, including 373 seniors (60 years and over), conducted in September 2022 by becoming.


"Thinking that your parents have sexuality is taboo"... How seniors are experiencing their sexual revolution


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