Project Blueprint

2 million a year to stay young: the secrets of the tycoon from the physical prowess of an 18-year-old

Bryan Johnson, 45, does not want to grow old and invests his wealth in research. The goal is to combat aging and strengthen the immune system. A strict routine made of diets, supplements and workouts


Eternal youth has a high cost. It is the entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, who became rich for the sale of his creature Braintree (An online payment system) to eBay, to tell the new frontier to counteract aging and strengthen the immune system. His age has nothing to do with physical prowess. The 45-year-old, in fact, hides the vigor of an 18-year-old boy. His daily life, however, is anything but carefree. The days are punctuated by an alarm clock at dawn, a strict diet, training and medical visits. Project Blueprint costs $2 million a year and is aimed at redesigning his body.

Johnson is not alone in the company, with him works a team of about 30 doctors and experts who follow the progress of research: from the diet of less than two thousand daily calories to electromagnetic pulses to tone muscles. Treatments, which would have already given results.

According to the entrepreneur, and the doctors who follow him, the body of the tycoon would prove at least five years less. Better the heart, which beats like a 37-year-old. The skin looks like that of a 28-year-old man and the famous eighteen years there would be lung capacity and physical fitness.