While MPs begin the last days of examination of the draft law on pension reform, the debate on Article 7, on the legal retirement age at 64, still seems far away. On Tuesday, February 14, the National Assembly debated Article 2 in a deleterious atmosphere, each side accusing the other of obstruction.

The day finally ended with the rejection of this article which concerned the establishment of a senior index in companies, intended to encourage the employment of older employees. A first debacle for the government. In this podcast of Minute papillon!, we followed this day at the National Assembly with our political journalist Rachel Garrat-Valcarcel.

Shared obstruction

"Usually, the majority speaks less. There, we take the time to explain the arguments on extremely technical and secondary things. It's obstruction," observes Rachel Garrat-Valcarcel. In question, many speeches by deputies The Republicans or Renaissance. Like when Renaissance MP Violette Spillebout takes the microphone to address the application of the senior index on professional football clubs.

The deputy La France Insoumise de la Somme, Fran├žois Ruffin, then reacted strongly to accuse the majority of gaining time. In this podcast, listen to our political journalist explain the government's strategy, in a context where the support of LR deputies for the vote on the reform seems threatened.

For the majority, on the contrary, the obstruction comes from the left and the tabling of their many amendments. At a press conference the same morning, Laure Lavalette of the National Rally denounced the "far-fetched" amendments of the NUPES, slowing down the discussions.

However, "the France Insoumise withdrew Monday night its amendments relating to article 2," says Rachel Garrat-Valcarcel. In this episode of Minute Papillon!, you will hear the decryptions of our political journalist on the parliamentary filibuster: who is to blame?

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