February 15, 2023

For Valentine's Day, Miley Cyrus reminds us that she knows how to love herself better (than her ex)

Miley Cyrus is not afraid to assert herself! The star posted on Instagram a photo from his clip Flowers on February 14. And as a Valentine's Day message, she added part of the chorus: "I can love myself better. Happy Valentine's Day."

As a reminder, the singer released this song on the birthday of her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. The lyrics are a response to a title of Bruno that the actor had dedicated to him and the clip is full of references to his supposed incarcerations.

The Bennifers seal their love with a common tattoo

For Valentine's Day, Shakira passed the broom while listening to SZA's "Kill Bill"

Shakira has obviously thought of her ex, Gerard Piqué, for Valentine's Day. The singer shared a video of her, sweeping in her kitchen, on February 14 and the soundtrack is unequivocal.

Indeed, Shakira listens to (and hums) SZA's Kill Bill. If you don't know this song, the lyrics are self-explanatory. "I could kill my ex, it's not the best idea/His new girlfriend will be next, how did I get here?/I could kill my ex, but I still love him/I'd rather be in jail than alone."

A symbolic video, both on the sweep, and on the lyrics of the song.

Last month, Shakira installed a witch on her balcony that faces the former footballer's mother's house and played her revenge song, BZRP Music Session #53, with the windows open.


Shakira makes the buzz with her song settling scores on Gerard Pique

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