Federal Tax Authority: The application is a qualitative leap to improve the quality of the authority’s services

Emirates Tax provides 35 digital services to facilitate tax procedures

Khaled Al Bustani: The Authority is intensifying its efforts to provide seamless digital services through innovative models that reflect the leadership and excellence of the government work system.

The Federal Tax Authority confirmed that the availability of the “Emirates Tax” application for smart tax services to customers represented a qualitative leap in improving the quality of services provided by the authority, noting that the smart application that was successfully activated last October came as a continuation of the efforts made by the authority within its comprehensive strategy for digital transformation, to facilitate... Voluntary self-tax compliance, and providing proactive services to customers.

She explained that the “Emirates Tax” smart application, which provides 35 digital tax services to customers, is available on smart mobile phone devices, noting that more than 4.57 thousand transactions have been carried out through the application.

The Authority confirmed that the application is constantly updated to keep pace with plans for continuous development and expansion of services, as it provides innovative solutions that enable customers to easily access the Authority’s services from anywhere and at any time, whether related to registration, submitting returns, or paying tax dues by those registered in the system. Tax refunds, tax refunds for groups legally eligible for refunds, or submitting requests for reconsideration.

It explained that as part of the procedural facilities it provides to ensure smooth application and facilitate the compliance of those subject to corporate tax with mechanisms characterized by ease and speed of implementing procedures, the Authority has added 15 services related to corporate tax, including registration/amendment services in corporate tax, and cancellation of registration in corporate tax, Managing the account and amending bank data.

The Director General of the Federal Tax Authority, Khaled Ali Al Bustani, said: “The Authority provided the smart application (Emirates Tax), which provides 35 digital tax services to customers, within the framework of the (Zealizing Government Bureaucracy) program launched by the UAE government, in a way that raises the levels of efficiency, quality and government flexibility in UAE, simplifying and reducing government procedures, and abolishing unnecessary procedures and requirements.

He added: “The Authority is intensifying its efforts to provide seamless digital services through innovative models that reflect the leadership and excellence of the government work system, as well as enhancing value by saving time, cost and effort while ensuring immediate processing and increasing the flexibility of communication between data.”

He continued: “The Authority is pursuing ambitious development plans that are consistent with the Government Services Quality Charter, by applying effective transformation procedures to reduce the number of documents required to provide services as much as possible, and constantly striving to achieve a tangible impact within short periods of time to improve customer experiences,” noting that the “Emirates Tax” application The smart device plays an effective role in simplifying procedures and integrating with other systems and departments.

For his part, Executive Director of the Information Technology Sector at the Federal Tax Authority, Abdullah Al Bastaki, said: “During the past period, the Authority has built the (Emirates Tax) application in cooperation with its partners in all relevant sectors, to constitute a qualitative leap within the stages of upgrading the tax system, in order to achieve the Authority’s strategic objectives for digital transformation. In all its services, the developed application services integrate with the modern services provided by other relevant government agencies, and within this cooperation, reliance was placed on the single sign-on feature to the (Emirates Tax) application, with customers using the UAE Pass digital identity technologies in all procedures and services provided by the authority through the application.” . He stressed that as part of its approach to involving stakeholders in the development processes that are being implemented permanently for tax systems, the Authority was keen to consult with the categories of taxable people and those concerned with the UAE tax system, and their opinions were taken into account during the construction of the new application after learning about their experiences in dealing with the platform. Emirates Tax,” expressing that the authority always welcomes customers’ comments and opinions.