Open AI, the creator of ChatGPT, has unveiled an artificial intelligence that can create a voice by imitating a human voice in just 15 seconds. In the future, we have decided to join hands with Microsoft to build a very large data center needed for artificial intelligence development.

This is reporter Hong Young-jae.


The voice cloning technology released by OpenAI created various voice contents with only about 15 seconds of voice samples.

[Real human voice: This recording is intended to help people who do not use spoken language express themselves.]

[AI imitation voice: Excuse me, but could you please pay attention to me? Thank you for your help.]

Although they said they would not distribute it to the general public for the time being due to the possibility of misuse such as deepfakes, it is evaluated to have great commercial value in advertising, games, education, and movies.

OpenAI is said to have introduced 'Sora', an AI service that creates high-quality videos with just commands, to Hollywood production companies such as Warner Bros.

There have been observations that the development of commercial content combining duplicate audio and generated video is imminent.

As AI evolves from text to images, voices, and videos, the required computing power increases rapidly.

There is also an estimate that 720,000 Nvidia high-performance graphics cards are needed to popularize the 'Sora' service.

In this situation, it was even reported that OpenAI was joining hands with Microsoft to pursue the so-called 'Stargate' program, which would invest approximately 135 trillion won to build a very large data center.

[Myeong-su Jeong/Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, KAIST: If you think about the cost, the point would be to operate it yourself and optimize it for your own services. Depending on that, (AI service) performance and speed all change.]

Attempts to secure data centers equipped with AI semiconductors and supercomputers, as well as the enormous power supply required to operate them, appear to be in full swing.

Experts predict that if the pace of securing investments to support the construction of such infrastructure accelerates, the emergence of general artificial intelligence, or AGI, will also accelerate.

(Video editing: Yonghwa Jeong, Design: Jaeyoung Choi)