The People's Credit Bank announced that customers who hold its cards that operate at the Real Estate Bank's ATMs can now use all the ATMs affiliated with the Syrian Commercial Bank and the banks associated with the electronic payment company "Petra Moneyx."

The bank explained in a statement that the banks associated with “Petra Monetix” are the International Trade and Finance Company, Bemo Saudi Fransi, Fransabank, “Byblos Syria”, “Jordan Syria”, Al Sharq, “Qatar National Syria”, “Arab Bank Syria”, Savings and Industrial, and “Syria and Overseas”. “And the National Microfinance Bank, in addition to the Syrian real estate and commercial banks.

The bank stated that the daily withdrawal ceiling on ATMs affiliated with the Commercial Bank of Syria and the aforementioned linked banks does not exceed 200 thousand Syrian pounds, while the daily withdrawal ceiling on ATMs affiliated with Al-Aqari does not exceed 500 thousand Syrian pounds.

The bank stated that credit card holders can carry out daily withdrawals on the bank’s POS points of sale, which are spread across the bank’s branches in the governorates, and the points of sale spread in postal centers in the governorates, regions, and cities, with a daily ceiling not exceeding 500 thousand Syrian pounds.

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