Within the first phase of the “Real Estate Broker Program” alliances

Dubai Land Department announces an alliance of 9 developers to empower citizens in the real estate sector

The Dubai Land Department launched the first phase of a series of strategic alliances and partnerships for the “Dubai Real Estate Broker Program,” which included nine real estate developers in Dubai, as part of the department’s efforts to prepare national human competencies characterized by the highest level of skills and professional principles that qualify them. To lead the transformation and development process.

The strategic alliance agreement was signed by the Acting Director General of the Dubai Land Department, Engineer Marwan bin Ghalita, along with the executive officials of the real estate development companies joining the alliance, namely: “Emaar Properties”, “Expo Dubai”, “Deyaar Development”, and “Damac Properties”. Azizi Developments, MAG Real Estate Development, Sobha Real Estate, Ellington Properties, and International House Real Estate Development, while the next stages will witness more partnerships with the most prominent developers and real estate brokers in Dubai, which will... It contributes to qualifying more national competencies in the real estate sector.

Objectives of the agreement

This agreement aims to cooperate in many fields, including: raising the competitive efficiency of Emirati cadres and enabling them to fill jobs in the real estate sector, through designing and implementing qualitative supportive projects in cooperation between the Land Department and real estate sector partners in the Emirate of Dubai, and exerting the utmost efforts by allocating a percentage of 10% to 15% of the development company’s sales to be marketed by Emirati real estate brokers, and to contribute to empowering national cadres by providing job opportunities with the second party in accordance with applicable labor laws.

The terms of the agreement also include: cooperation in joint projects with the Land Department, which aims to develop the real estate sector and promote a culture of innovation and sustainability, in addition to cooperation with the department in providing guidance and vocational training to national cadres, and supporting and providing advice to them, in a way that ensures their attraction to the private sector. And develop its specialized competencies to create its own business in the real estate market.

Strengthening the role of citizens

The Acting Director General of the Dubai Land Department, Engineer Marwan bin Ghalita, stressed the importance of this alliance, and the role of its participants in achieving the goals of the Dubai Real Estate Broker Program, which was launched with the aim of enhancing the role of citizens in the real estate market, and motivating them to engage in real estate activities, in a way that raises Their level of participation in one of the most important economic sectors in Dubai, which is the real estate sector.

He said: “At Dubai Land, we are keen to implement the directives of our wise leadership, which gives the utmost importance to citizens and their empowerment in various fields, and this is evident in the fact that national skills and improving them is an essential pillar of the pillars stipulated in (Dubai Social Agenda 2033), and ( Dubai Economic Agenda D33) launched by our wise leadership.

He added: “We look forward to joint work and cooperation with our partners in the real estate sector, and achieving exceptional results that keep pace with the distinguished position enjoyed by the real estate sector in Dubai at the local and global levels.”