Many cameras at the Super Bowl focused on Taylor Swift, who came to the stadium to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce of the ultimately victorious Kansas City Chiefs. But Swift shouldn't be the only pop superstar to attract attention during Sunday night's American football spectacle. Beyoncé was also on hand in Las Vegas, and she used the occasion to announce a new album and release two songs from it in the middle of the game.

Roland Lindner

Business correspondent in New York.

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    As has often been the case in her career, it was a meticulously choreographed announcement with a surprise effect: Shortly after the half-time break, a commercial for the American telecommunications company Verizon was shown, in which she appeared and at the end of which she spoke about releasing new music. Shortly afterwards, she updated her website and announced via Instagram that her next album would be released on March 29th. The first two songs, “Texas Hold 'Em” and “16 Carriages,” were released immediately.

    The presence of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé also made the Super Bowl a major event for the music industry this year. The two singers are among the richest pop stars in the world, and they have had a significant impact on the past musical year with highly lucrative tours. Swift's ongoing "Eras" tour, which saw her perform in Tokyo the day before the Super Bowl, is the first ever to gross more than $1 billion in ticket revenue.

    Concert series as a boost for the American economy

    Beyoncé's already completed "Renaissance" tour grossed almost $580 million, making it one of the ten most successful tours of all time. It is said about the concert series of both singers that they gave the American economy a noticeable boost last year because visitors also spent a lot of money on travel, hotel accommodation and restaurant visits in addition to the actual tickets. Both stars have also released successful concert films about their tours in cinemas. According to the cinema portal “Boxofficemojo”, Swift’s film has grossed more than $260 million globally, while Beyoncé’s production has grossed $44 million.

    According to estimates by Forbes magazine, Swift has been a billionaire since last year, and Beyoncé is also “well on the way” with a fortune of $800 million. The “Renaissance” tour alone brought her personally $100 million after taxes. According to Forbes, Beyoncé's husband, rapper Jay-Z, is already a billionaire and his fortune is estimated at $2.5 billion.

    Beyoncé has often attracted attention with unusual strategies when releasing new albums. When she released her fifth and self-titled studio album in 2013, she did so without any advertising or pre-single, her fans and the music industry were completely surprised. The tactic gave Beyoncé a buzz that might not have existed if the album had been released in a traditional format. She also released her next work “Lemonade” in 2016 without warning. In this case, she had already released the first single “Formation” a few months earlier, which she also sang during her appearance in the halftime show of the Super Bowl at the time.

    There is sometimes public talk about a possible rivalry between Swift and Beyoncé. However, the two singers are making an effort to dispel speculation about a competitive relationship with demonstrative mutual support in public. Beyoncé came to the premiere of Swift's concert film in Los Angeles in October, and Swift in turn attended the premiere of the Beyoncé film in London a short time later. Swift posted a video on Instagram of her and Beyoncé with popcorn in movie theater seats. She has said Beyoncé taught her and all other artists to break music industry rules.