The area planted with winter vegetables for the current agricultural season in Daraa exceeded 926 hectares over the planned area, according to the head of the Department of Planning and International Cooperation in the Directorate of Agriculture, Engineer Hassan Al-Ahmad.

Engineer Al-Ahmad stated in a statement to SANA’s correspondent today that the planned area for winter vegetables this season reached 810 hectares, while the governorate’s farmers were able to cultivate 1,736 hectares, which include varieties of lettuce, parsley, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, carrots, radishes, and others, pointing out that the Agriculture Directorate provides the farmers with the fuel needed for agriculture. According to the capabilities and available quantities.

One of the vegetable farmers, Saad Al-Hassan, told SANA that Daraa Governorate is suitable for growing these crops, as there is a great demand for their cultivation due to its positive repercussions on the farms, in addition to providing job opportunities for a wide segment.

Qasim Al-Miqdad

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