A pricing platform for district heating providers is intended to improve transparency for consumers when it comes to heating costs. The Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), the Association of Municipal Companies (VKU) and the District Heating Working Group (AGFW) wanted to launch the joint platform in April, BDEW boss Kerstin Andreae announced in an interview with the news portal Table Media. “Around 150 district heating companies will take part. This means we cover almost the entire market.”

With the new offer, the associations are responding to criticism of district heating prices, where there are large differences that are difficult for customers to understand. “We know there is a problem with price transparency,” Andreae said. “Comparability is difficult. This will address the fallow industry now.”

According to her own words, the BDEW boss hopes that the new offer will also lead to lower costs for consumers. Unlike electricity or gas, they cannot change providers for district heating. She encouraged consumers to fight back against high prices. “Anyone who believes they are paying too much can also raise an objection,” said the BDEW boss. Customers would be protected by antitrust law.

According to the BDEW, around six of the almost 42 million apartments in Germany are heated with district heating. The share of the energy source is therefore 15.2 percent. The data is from 2023.