Dubai Commodities is preparing to launch the Artificial Intelligence Center

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center announced the conclusion of a partnership with QX Lab, a company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions based in Dubai, in preparation for the launch of the centre’s artificial intelligence centre, which is scheduled to be launched later this year.

QX Lab, based on its advanced “Ask Qx” platform, provides hybrid artificial intelligence solutions that can be integrated into enhancing services, such as electronic chat services, and can also be used to enable companies and individuals to enhance production levels.

A statement issued today, Monday, stated that the platform provides an advanced neural algorithm architecture capable of developing products and services in an unprecedented manner, as it provides a digital architecture capable of enabling companies to rationalize overall computing power costs, enhance the security capabilities of the basic system, and protect against potential data hacks and violations.

Through this platform, QX Lab seeks to strengthen its position as the first company specialized in hybrid artificial intelligence solutions globally with the ability to access and benefit from 372 billion parameters.

The first CEO and CEO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, Ahmed bin Sulayem, said: “Artificial intelligence technology has been able, within a short period, to confirm its amazing capabilities as a pivotal force that is reshaping the features of the business sector and companies, and yet we have so far only benefited from a small part of it.” Its tremendous potential.”

He added: “As we prepare to launch the Dubai Multi Commodities Center’s Artificial Intelligence Center, we are pleased to cooperate with QXLab, which through its unique platform specializing in artificial intelligence and its advanced neural algorithmic architecture will provide comprehensive support to the Center and its registered companies, as it will provide us with unprecedented opportunities.” “To enhance business efficiency and raise production levels to new heights, while enhancing the security of our basic system.”

For his part, Tilakraj Parmar, co-founder and CEO of QX Lab, said: “Despite the huge investments in research and development of artificial intelligence solutions, these efforts are only the beginning towards a radical transformation in our lives and businesses. Both the professional and personal levels,” adding: “We are pleased to provide innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence to the DMCC and its business community, which today includes more than 24,000 registered companies, which will enhance Dubai’s position at the forefront of research and development of artificial intelligence solutions.”

The DMCC has developed a wide range of innovation-based centers and initiatives with the aim of consolidating Dubai's position as a driving force in developing and using the next generation of technologies and industries.

Currently, the “Crypto” Center of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center includes more than 600 companies, making it the largest gathering of companies specialized in “web3” and “Blockchain” technologies in the region, while the Gaming Center of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center has succeeded, since its inauguration, in In 2023, it will attract more than 100 companies specialized in development and production, as well as e-sports teams and software solution development engineers, thus strengthening Dubai’s position as a center for immersive entertainment experiences.